OROSÉY | Casting

Casting specialists in 18kt gold


"We cast using the lost-wax method" says Jasmijn, team member.
"We start by building a support called a tree (because it looks like a tree trunk with branches) on which we attach the wax models. The build up needs to be done carefully so we won't break the delicate wax pieces. The tree is placed in a steel mould that is filled with plaster. A night's stay in a hot oven burns out the wax leaving a negative imprint of the modelled tree in the dried plaster. We then pour 1000°C melted gold into the mould. When cooled the cast tree is held under a high pressure shower to wash away the plaster and voilà there you have the jewels ! Now off to the artisans for the grooming and finishing, the stone setting and the polishing.
Can't wait for the client to see the final result !"
OVER 25 years of experience gives us a wealth of savoir-faire for casting in precious metals.
The continuous evolution in 3D printing technologies brings new varieties of wax and resin leading to new demands for the casting. We embrace these challenging innovations and work closely together with our clients to achieve impeccable quality.

MORE THAN 25 years of professional experience